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First Steps

Let's discover FeaturIT in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Add an application: Add an application to FeaturIT platform. This is the application that you want to manage feature flags for. You will need to provide information on the application name.

Create an environment: Before creating features, you must create an environment in FeaturIT. An environment is a specific instance of your application, such as a development, staging, or production environment.

Create an environment key: Before managing feature flags, you must create an environment keyT. Environment keys are unique identifiers used to control access to an API.

Create a feature: You can start listing your features. A feature is a new functionality or change you want to enable or disable for your users. Give the feature a descriptive name so you can quickly identify it later.

Install SDK in the platform: You can find the available SDKs on GitHub.

Wrap one feature using the SDK: Each SDK has specific instructions on adding flags to a feature. For example, check how it is done in Laravel.

Manage feature flags: You can enable or disable the feature on the platform by editing the feature flag status.